Abiding Evil, horror redefined by Alison Buck


Abiding Evil

by Alison Buck

Abiding Evil cover "Alison Buck’s writing gives us a fresh perspective on horror.
She combines timeless themes of good and evil
with a very contemporary concern for genuinely believable characters.
Abiding Evil is a sinister tale informed by psychological insight,
wit and a style of writing that breathes life into the protagonists.
This is a dark story that can make your blood run cold and yet also touch your heart.
It is a chilling book which will appeal as much to fans of psychological drama
as it will to lovers of traditional horror.

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A sleeping menace is roused deep in the darkness of the forest. For decades it grows, biding its time, reaching out to tug at the ordinary lives of those living beyond the shadow of the trees.

Their children begin to disappear.

Unaware and unsuspecting of the danger, a group of families, friends for many years, journey to a newly re-opened hotel. It stands alone in a clearing a mile or more within the forest boundary.

For some this will be their last reunion.

Reviewers say:

   “one of the finest horror novels I have ever read”
   “Great writing, I mean really great.”
   “This is one of the best books I've ever read”
   “admirable psychological insight”


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